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Who We Are & Where We Come From

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, our founders laid the framework for a family of companies that combined evolved to help revolutionize the ATM industry. These companies and their accomplishments constitute a rock-solid foundation of vast ATM knowledge and experience.

Grant Victor - NextBranch Parent Company
eGlobal - NextBranch Sister Company
TetraLink - NextBranch Sister Company - NextBranch Sister Company

For two decades, we have advanced the ATM industries through the hard work of our extraordinary people. Tasked with offering quality ATM products and services, producing effective client solutions, and creating outstanding customer experiences, our employees rise to the highest level of professionalism, which forms the backbone of our success.

We believe this success is heightened by the strength of our ethics, which is why we place high importance on fostering strong customer relations, industry partnerships, and vendor relationships.

NextBranch is headquartered  in Kaysville, Utah along the breathtaking Wasatch Front Mountains.

NextBranch Offices in the Grant Victor building
NextBranch Headquarters in the Grant Victor building.