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Are you Managing your ATMs the Old Way?

Financial institutions are embracing a better way to offer ATMs to their customers and members: ATM outsourcing. The benefits of NextBranch’s ATM outsourcing program includes:

  • Capital Preservation – Every institution has competing needs for capital. With an ATM outsourcing program, a bank or credit union can replace and upgrade their ATM fleet while preserving their capital for branch expansions, system upgrades or other projects. With an outsourcing program, NextBranch purchases and owns the ATMs.
  • Staff Reallocation – In today’s environment, banks and credit unions are struggling to find and retain staff. With an outsourcing program, FTE can be reassigned from ATM operations to other higher value customer relationship activities.
  • ATM Management – NextBranch’s team is focused on ATMs, that is what we do. As experts in the business, we know how to manage ATM portfolios for maximum efficiency and uptime. You now have a single “back to pat” and no longer have to manage the various vendors involved in running a successful ATM program.
  • Risk of Ownership – Dealing with Windows and regulatory upgrades, vandalism, and theft are all NextBranch’s responsibility.
  • Sunsetting – Sunsetting is not a risk with an ATM outsourcing program. NextBranch is committed to support the ATMs for the life of the agreement.
  • Fixed Expense – NextBranch’s outsourcing solution offers a fixed, budget friendly monthly fee and eliminates surprises prevalent in traditional ATM programs.
  • Cost Savings – NextBranch customers experience cost savings of 25% or more after moving to our ATM Outsourcing solution.

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ATM Outsourcing for Banks and Credit Unions