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Branch Transformation Through NextBranch

At NextBranch, we are reimagining the future of full-service financial institution ATM management as we bring a new era of hardware technology, functionality, and services to our partners in the Financial Industries. We invite you to learn how NextBranch can help reduce the concerns of managing your existing ATMs or transform your branch experience for generations to come.

  • FI ATM Managed Services
  • Traditional & Transformational ATMs
  • Reduce Capital Expenses
  • Improve Branch Experience
  • Improve Cash Management
  • Responsive Service
  • Managed Compliance Updates
  • Expand Off-site ATM Deployment

Migrating to a Self-service Banking Environment

Self-service ATMs allow customers to perform routine teller transactions with no, or minimal assistance. Video Teller ATMs and Tablet Kiosks offer teller assisted capabilities on, or off site. Cash Recycling ATMs help reduce armored car and other cash management costs. Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) help reduce cash errors and secure cash handling procedures behind the teller line.

Self-Service ATMs

Up to 90% of traditional teller assisted transactions can be performed in a self-service environment. With Branch Transformation technologies, you can offer your customers or members the choice of self-service and/or teller-assisted banking.

Video Teller ATMs and Tablet Kiosks

With Video Teller ATMs, tellers can assist customers through Branch Transformation machines, be they on-site, or at a remote, teller-less branch location.

Cash Recycling ATMs and TCRs

Cash recycling technologies can significantly reduce the costs associated with cash handling, and since approximately 40% of ATM operation costs are related to cash management, cash recycling ATMs and TCRs are an important cost-saving part of the Branch Transformation mix.

Increase Staff Efficiency

The automation of cash and services that comes with Branch Transformation technology frees up staff members to focus on other important performance initiatives and reduces operation costs associated with staffing and cash management.

Branch Transformation Video Feature

See the innovative customer-centric solutions Hawaii State Credit Union used when implementing new branch transformation technologies.