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ATMs as a Service – ATM Outsourcing

ATMs as a Service, known as ATM Outsourcing, is NextBranch’s solution to the pitfalls of owning and operating an ATM fleet. ATMs as a Service delivers everything you and your customers or members need from your ATM channel. From installation and cash loading to compliance and Core Integration, NextBranch has the ideal ATM and ITM solution for your financial institution.

The best part is you get flexible, customized ATM services tailored to your specific circumstances, all for a single monthly fee. You read that right: no surprises or out-of-scope charges.

ATMs as a Service: The NextBranch Advantage

ATMs as a Service is a flexible and customizable ATM placement and management program. NextBranch can provide only the services you select for each branch of your bank or credit union.

Free Capital For Use Elsewhere

ATMs as a Service by NextBranch includes ATM terminals and associated operating expenses, freeing your ATM capital investments for use towards other objectives.

Eliminate Regulatory Risks

NextBranch takes on the responsibility of performing required regulatory upgrades, thus eliminating risk to the Financial Institution.

Windows Upgrades & Conversions

NextBranch Outsourcing Program is a cost-effective solution for upgrading or replacing legacy Windows ATMs, saving your branches the headaches of ensuring hardware compatibility.

Reliable ATM Management

With over 7,000 ATMs owned and operated in all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico, we have the knowledge and experience to provide outstanding ATM services to you and your valued customers.

No Hidden Fees

A monthly per ATM outsourcing fee is all you pay. There are no out-of-scope, or additional monthly charges often found with other ATM managed services providers.

Keep Your Surcharge Revenue

The NextBranch Outsourcing Program fees are not tied to your ATM transactions, allowing you to retain 100% of your surcharge revenue.

Monitoring ATMs as a Service.

ATM / ITM Systems & Security Monitoring With Alerts

Stay aware of critical systems and security threats. The NextBranch real-time tracking alert system assists in keeping your ATMs operational and helps protect your investments and customers from fraudulent activities at the ATM terminal.

Wireless Connectivity

Connect to your processor using wireless Ventus or TNS routers.

Connectivity Monitoring & Problem Identification

The NextMonitor™ Program utilizes our Dispatch Command Center to continuously tracks your network connectivity and communication abilities. Our team of professionals monitors terminal and ATM connectivity and can quickly identify any problems that may arise.

Remote Diagnostics & Corrections

Our talented ATM technicians can remotely diagnose and fix most software related issues that may arise. Thus, improving your ATMs operational uptime. Technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cash Forecasting & Management

Our dedicated teams use transaction frequencies, seasonal data, and other factors, to accurately forecast the cash needs of each ATM. Thus, enabling us to effectively administer cash management services.

First & Second Line Maintenance

With a nationwide network of field operations personnel, NextBranch can offer both first line and second line maintenance for ATM deployments in most locations, along with armored courier dispatch services as needed.

Operational Reporting

We keep you up to date on your ATMs performance and maintenance records with regular operational reporting.

ATMs as a Service incorporating Core Integration Technologies

ATMs As A Service Can Expand Your Branch’s Self-Service Capabilities.

Utilizing Core Integration frees up personnel to better serve customers and members. ATM integrated technologies, or Branch Transformation technologies, assist you in modernizing your services through cutting-edge industry advancements. Account holders gain transaction access similar to that of online banking, thus allowing your team members to focus on sales and daily operations.

Self-Service Banking

The ability to have up to 90% of traditional teller assisted transactions performed in a self-service environment, branch transformation ATMs are a bridge between online banking and the teller line.

Differentiate From The Competition

After decades of parallel ATM options across the industry, Branch Transformation technology offers an impressive way to help you stand out from your competition. By providing exciting new self-service ways for your customers to fulfill their banking needs, you can energize and engage your customer base.

Expanded Transaction Possibilities

Our core-integrated solutions provide your customers with the ability to perform more than routine ATM transactions. From check cashing with bill and coin dispensing to mortgage and other loan payment functions, your customers will have the options available to make in-branch transactions with minimal, or no teller assistance.

Powerful Cash Recycling

Cash management accounts for up to 40% of ATM operational costs. With Branch Transformation technologies, the cash recycling functionality significantly reduces ATM cash loading frequencies, thus saving armored services costs, while TCRs help to eliminate human cash handling errors behind the teller line.

NextBranch branch transformation MX8800 ATM from Hyosung

Financial Institution ATM Equipment Sales

If a complete managed services program doesn’t fit your needs, we offer an ATM hardware purchase and installation option. You maintain ownership of all or part of your ATM fleet and retain management and compliance responsibilities on your equipment investments.

ATMs as a service, or ATM sales and installation option.

Industry Leading Reliability

ATM up-time is a critical factor when it comes to your customer service offering and reputation as a leading financial institution. NextBranch offers some of the most rugged and reliable ATMs on the market.

Future Proof ATMs

We offer ATM equipment for financial institutions with a full array of functional possibilities. Options include cash dispensing, image depositing, cash recycling, and video teller, to name a few. In the future, you can configure additional options as your customer experience needs and budgets grow.


Security is paramount when choosing your ATM equipment, which is why we offer ATMs with a proven track record in protection. With EMV card readers, seismic and heat alarms, safety door sensors, security cameras, and more, you can rest assured that your ATM deployment is security ready.