Lora Cunha – WSECU

Transition to ATM Outsourcing

With an aging ATM fleet, WSECU was faced with a tough decision: invest millions of dollars of capital into new ATMs and continue to manage the program, or transition to ATM outsourcing. We chose NextBranch’s outsourcing solution, have been very happy with the service, and have experienced over a 23% savings on our ATM expenses.

Craig Roper – Bank of Utah

A Better ATM Solution

NextBranch provides a comprehensive ATM solution, customized the way we want it done. From a pricing perspective, we’re getting a better product with better servicing and functionality, without the burden on internal resources.

ATM Outsourcing Makes Sense

At Yolo Federal Credit Union, we are reimagining the member experience, and NextBranch is a critical part of our strategy. Outsourcing ATM services makes sense, as technology is rapidly evolving. We require an ATM partner who can keep up. Yolo Federal Credit Union is pleased to partner with NextBranch for ATM Outsourcing services. The ability to offer video teller services and a direct core connection on our ITMs is a game changer. NextBranch understands the importance of uptime, service quality, and improving operational efficiencies. We are proud to work with NextBranch and are excited to offer our members the absolute best in ITM technology.